Fructuosamente is the portrait of Venezuelan architect Fruto Vivas, a communist that built a church, someone who didn’t have toys as a child, and who built houses for the rich as a grownup, an architect who uses ferns to deal with leaks in the roof and who wants to build a house of bubbles, the only bus passenger who threw the ticket out of the basket (because it was full), in a country where everyone was happy, an old man who doesn’t understand how he managed to do so many things when he was young… and is not afraid to keep doing them… or pretends as well as he did when he was young (some things never change), a man that sleeps next to her partner (although he never talks about her), a man from the state of Táchira with a great sense of humor, who had drinks with General Pérez Jiménez, and spent 14 years fighting in Venezuela’s guerrilla movement, a human being who knows that happiness is a myth but still tries to reach it on a daily basis by asking himself “What have you done today to deserve being a alive?”

Participation in Festivals
  • Festival de Margarita 2015

Documentary portrait - 62’
Language: Spanish
Directed by: Andrés Agustí
Screenplay: Andrés Agustí
Production companies: Orinoco Media